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B2Boost is one of Belgium's fastest growing technology companies. The company develops and operates sophisticated B2B e-Commerce solutions for the Entertainment, Telecom and other industries.

Head office is located in the Brussels region in a modern, international and pleasing environment, with a local subsidiary in Madrid, Spain.

Our values

We believe that our employees’ well-being, motivation and enthusiasm are at the core of our growth, more importantly, we share  the responsibility to build it with them. Receiving and providing transparent feedback, fostering entrepreneurship and rewarding initiatives make part of this common process. Our vision is that every B2Boost employee is an important member of this mid-sized family.

B2Boost believes in next-gen management. We encourage quality training and autonomy over managerial micro-supervision. Accordingly, we opted for an organic structure composed of independent, self-managing teams nurtured by a collaborative spirit and striving for company-wide shared success.

We believe mutual trust is the main driver of our company. We intend to fulfil employees' needs by offering a high degree of flexibility, both in terms of working responsibilities as well as work-life balance. In exchange, we expect the employee to remain focused, creative and embrace our collaborative mindset.

High emphasis has been put into the design of our workspace for it to be in line with our way of thinking. We have opted for a brand-new open space facilitating informal interactions between all colleagues. In addition to that, our building offers great extra services such as weekly food-trucks, Friday drinks, etc.

Being driven by strong values while progressing towards common goals, B2Boost consists of a good mix of diverse profiles and nationalities resulting in an inspiring atmosphere. It is of utmost importance for us to preserve it.

Current openings

System Administrator

B2Boost is looking for a talented system administrator, who wishes to follow and assist our company on our continuous journey towards better DevOps. The job will include traditional system administration, as well as development of our more modern DevOps practices.
With your experience and passion for IT administration and development, you can help us build great products to realize our ambitious vision and continuously innovate for the benefit of our clients.
You will be part of the foundation team and responsible for managing and building new B2Boost infrastructure solutions and enhance existing ones, in coordination with the software development team, the project management and operational team.

Job responsibilities
  • Administer and improve our infrastructure
  • Describe and configure monitoring of the necessary metrics to enhance stability of our systems
  • Document processes to allow future improvement and/or automation
  • Investigate, set up, maintain and improve our deployment automation dev-ops pipelines
  • Capture, set-up and manage the infrastructure requirements of our development team, and give constant feedback on possible scalability issues
  • Manage the security of our various platforms
Master's degree (or equivalent experience) in computer science/engineering:
  • Usual OS's: Linux variants, Windows
  • Apache/nginx Web servers
  • Networking (Firewalling, Nating, DNS, etc)
  • Containerization technologies ....
  • Backup/restore/disaster recovery strategies
  • Security oriented
  • Process oriented (repeatability, documentation, proactivity)
  • Supervision of compute resources
  • Scalability issues and strategies
  • Infrastructure as code know-how

The following skills will make your application stand out:
  • DBA knowledge (Oracle, MySQL, ...)
  • Distributed monitoring
  • AWS
  • Resource supervision
  • Technology watch
  • Security aspects
  • Set best practices
  • Continuous delivery
  • ElasticSearch (admin aspects of Cloud instances)
  • Management tools (ansible...)
  • Container management tools (rancher, kubernetes...)
  • Define and review best practices
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Angular/Grails Full Stack or Grails Specialist

B2Boost is looking for a talented full-stack Grails/Angular or specialist in one of those technologies, who wishes to follow and assist our company on our continuous journey towards innovation and better solution for our client.
With your experience and passion for IT development, you can help us build great products to realize our ambitious vision and continuously innovate for the benefit of our clients.
You will be responsible for building new B2Boost solutions and enhance existing ones, in coordination with the project management office and the sales team.
You will understand customer needs and help translate those into feasible and effective solutions for our clients.
Your initial responsibilities inside the team will be adjusted according to your level of applicable experience.

Angular Requirements:
  • Familiarity with JavaScript ecosystem:
    • JavaScript
    • CSS
    • Coffeescript
    • HTML 5 and Dom
    • dependency management libraries like RequireJS
    • NPM JavaScript package manager
    • Angular 5+ single page application framework
    • Test Driven Development
  • UX design, UI design
  • User level Linux, Windows
  • GIT

Desirable Technologies and Software engineering practices for Angular:
  • You will become familiar with these, as you work within our team.
  • Of course, any previous knowledge will give you a head start.
  • In order of relevance.
    • Bower, Grunt, Karma TDD framework
    • Familiarity with Rest, JSON, XML
    • Functional programming style
    • JQuery, Bootstrap JS frameworks/libraries
    • Apache, nginx, or other Web servers
    • Docker and similar container technologies
    • Websockets
    • Jetbrains Webstorm IDE

Groovy Requirements:
  • Familiarity with Java Virtual Machine ecosystem
  • SQL, and relational databases
  • GIT
  • Test Driven Development
  • Agile and Team oriented Mindset
  • User level Linux, Windows
  • Working knowledge of Spring framework

Desirable Technologies and Software engineering practices for Groovy:
  • You will become familiar with these, as you work within our team.
  • Of course, any previous knowledge will give you a head start.
  • In order of relevance:
    • Grails framework
    • Rest API design and implementation
    • Familiarity with functional programming style
    • Other software engineering practices: Design Patterns, Continuous integration
    • Scalable MicroServices architectures
    • Docker and similar container architectures
    • DevOps, AWS
    • ElasticSearch
    • Big data processing frameworks, Non-relational databases
    • If you wish to become full stack: Client-side technologies like HTML5, JavaScript and Angular
    • IntelliJ Idea IDE
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Product Database Enricher for the Video Games Industry

As a member of our enrichment team, you will be responsible for the completeness and accuracy of the product database working on a project initiated by the video game industry.
You will strive to ensure uniform data implementation and accuracy within our internal database, based on feeds received from many different international sources.By interacting closely with your colleagues from the enrichment team, you will be responsible to follow and improve ever-evolving database guidelines for the Video Game industry.

Job responsibilities
  • To increasingly become an expert of our worldwide Video Game database.
  • To enrich missing and inaccurate data and provide the highest degree of quality and consistency.
  • To frequently interact with the enrichment team in order to improve internal processes and industry guidelines.
  • To understand the needs of the industry and use your in-depth knowledge to thrive product development.

In order to excel in this position, we expect you to have:

  • Strong affinity with Video Games
  • Ability and willingness to work precisely and in details following predefined structures and strict rules
  • Ability to estimate and prioritize workload
  • English proficiency – Additional languages are an asset
  • 0-3 years’ work experience
  • Knowledge in Microsoft Excel and alike is a plus
  • Experience with SQL is a plus
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IT Project Manager for Entertainment Industry Services

As IT Project Manager, you will be in charge of the end-to-end delivery of sophisticated B2B and data analytics projects for the Entertainment and Retail industries.


Job responsibilities
  • Plan, monitor and manage internal projects from initiation through completion
  • Translate business requirements into solutions
  • Define and manage project scope
  • Lead or coordinate documentation creation and maintenance
  • Ensure project results by monitoring risk and issues
  • Establish and entertain the collaboration amongst internal and customer teams
  • Lead or coordinate project planning, resourcing, staffing, progress reporting, troubleshooting and people management
  • Ensure project results meet requirements in regards to technical quality, reliability and schedule
  • Monitor performance and recommend schedule changes or resource additions
  • Use your expertise and leadership skills to manage and lead staff
  • Foresee proper handover to operations after project delivery
  • Collaborate actively with Industry management, Business Analysts, Developers, Delivery Squads, Customer Service, Sales, PMO and Management
  • Identify synergies, improvements and roll-out best practices
  • Make recommendations and subsequently implementing them from design to support
  • Bachelor or Master degree in Business / Economics / Statistics / Mathematics / Engineering
  • Minimum 3 years of Project / Program Management experience in IT projects with capability of working independently on multiple projects, using tools and methodologies, ability to prioritize tasks and meet strict deadlines
  • Solid technical background, with sound understanding of IT Sector
  • English proficiency – Additional languages are an asset
  • Excellent communicator and natural leader
  • Quality, Delivery and Customer focused
  • Problem solving skills and ability to understand hierarchical relationships
  • Affinity with the entertainment/retail industry, it's challenges and players
  • Team player, enjoying working seriously in a young and fun atmosphere
  • Experience working in an agile environment is a plus
  • Experience with BI tools & practices is a plus
  • Any relevant certification is a plus
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