B2B e-Commerce Platform
The Private Exchange

The B2Boost Private Exchange is a comprehensive white labelled e-commerce portal designed for suppliers and distributors active in the Entertainment Industry.

The platform aims to optimise and enhance online collaboration between businesses and their trading partners.

Reflecting your company's look and feel, our solution includes all the functions and modules needed to:

  • Manage your entire order to pay process
  • Communicate detailed product and marketing information to your customers

Our Solution

  • Provides companies with a single platform from where they can manage:

    • Product catalogues
    • Pricing data
    • Placing and tracking of orders
    • Product returns

  • Developed in a private(by invitation only) and secure (https) environment

  • Tailored to your company's requirements

  • Fully operated, managed and continually upgraded service

  • Interfaced with your back office

  • Translated into 15 European languages

Some of our portals:

What they say

"Everything is automated and highly transparent. It's truly an integrated chain from client to supplier, which is perfect for us"

Daniel Janssens

General Manager, Bigben Interactive

What they say

"They deliver what they promise, they even exceed your expectations"

Erik ter Horst

VP finance/CFO EMEA and Latin America, BT Global Services

What they say

"We did not have any experience in e-invoicing and that's the reason why they supported us and this approach was really impressive"

Catherine Dubu

Head of Billing Operations Northern Europe, BT Global Services | Finance

What they say

"They understand our business and they work hard on helping us"

Shaun Campbell

Director, European Category Management, Electronic Arts

What they say

"They are very professional and committed. They deliver on time and provide us with their feedback. That is exactly what we expect from a partner."

Pieter Breyne

Senior Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers - Performance Improvement Consulting

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