B2Boost has been successfully operating a centralised platform for several years, using advanced Internet technology, which simplifies the administrative processes between B2B buyers and sellers. Rather than spending a lot of time and money on complex developments, it is much simpler and quicker to join this platform.

Integration Platform

The B2Boost platform, which is fully secure and uses the latest, most sophisticated tools, enables business partners to connect in the simplest, most efficient manner for each of them. B2Boost's technology will transform any protocol or format into another.


Moreover, this platform has been adapted to all specific legislation in all European countries and supports more than 15 languages. Bid farewell to integration issues and hello to being operational in only a few hours!


Through one single connection to B2Boost, you instantly access an operating link to all companies already using the B2Boost network. There are hundreds and hundreds of these, especially in the Retail Distribution everywhere in Europe, in the Telecom Industry in Europe and USA and in the worldwide Entertainment Industry.
Through B2Boost, you also immediately access our partners' networks counting hundreds of thousands of links. No other company can beat that.


Some companies have very complex requirements, such as for example multiple back offices or multiple documents formats. B2Boost is not afraid of that. In fact, this is where we can show our dedication and experience. No problem is too big for us.

What they say

"Everything is automated and highly transparent. It's truly an integrated chain from client to supplier, which is perfect for us"

Daniel Janssens

General Manager, Bigben Interactive

What they say

"They deliver what they promise, they even exceed your expectations"

Erik ter Horst

VP finance/CFO EMEA and Latin America, BT Global Services

What they say

"We did not have any experience in e-invoicing and that's the reason why they supported us and this approach was really impressive"

Catherine Dubu

Head of Billing Operations Northern Europe, BT Global Services | Finance

What they say

"They understand our business and they work hard on helping us"

Shaun Campbell

Director, European Category Management, Electronic Arts

What they say

"They are very professional and committed. They deliver on time and provide us with their feedback. That is exactly what we expect from a partner."

Pieter Breyne

Senior Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers - Performance Improvement Consulting

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