B2Boost extends its presence and deploys its Cubic solution with Sony Playstation Middle-East. The Cubic on-demand platform will collect and manage sales and inventory data from the retailers of UAI, Turkey, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.


B2Boost and Basware, the leading provider of e-invoicing and purchase-to-pay solutions, have embarked upon an intense collaboration to provide the Belgian media community with fully integrated e-invoice exchange, invoice automation and Procure-to-Pay-solutions geared to the needs of this community.


B2Boost is the major partner of the European Commission suppliers via the e-prior electronic procurement platform. B2Boost helps the public sector in Europe to dematerialize invoicing flows and connects several companies to the e-prior platform.


B2Boost signs a major agreement for the deployment of its e-Invoicing solution with BT Global Services in France and United States of America


Launch of Sales & Inventory services: B2Boost's extends its activity to include a Sales & Inventory Management tool, named CUBIC (Stands for "Customer Business Intelligence Center"). The tool is a uniquely tailored, constantly updated environment designed to facilitate the end-to-end category management needs of suppliers. The solution enables manufacturers and retailers to simplify and maximize their business interactions.


GXS (the world's leading supplier of EDI services) and B2Boost announce the conclusion of a 5-year cooperation agreement for offering a unique combination of services to professional users in Europe. Thanks to this cooperation, B2Boost is now supported by a technical infrastructure with a virtually unlimited transaction volume capability.


Launch of e-Invoicing services : B2Boost extends its activity to include the processing of dematerialized invoices by offering a universal application for issuing and archiving invoices in Europe in any format or protocol whilst respecting the different EU State legislations. A strategic decision was made to extend these services to all industry sectors. In addition to projects in the entertainment sector, B2Boost also currently has major e-Invoicing projects deployed for companies in the Telecoms, Retail Banking and ICT sectors.


B2Boost and Electronic Arts Europe, a world leader in Interactive Entertainment, announce an agreement to deploy "Connect EA", a web-based channel to connect Electronic Arts (EA) with its retailers and distributors in all European countries. Since then, several other major entertainment industry including Ubisoft, Sega, BigBen Interactive, Sony and Free Record Shop have decided to use B2Boost connections network and services in Europe. Currently, B2Boost operates in over 20 countries and in over 15 different languages.


B2Boost releases the B2Boost Integration Package (BIP) Solution, a software package which enables retailers to connect their infrastructure to each other in a way that promotes easy machine-to-machine communication, using secure "web services" technology. B2Boost is one of the very first companies in the world to release a solution based on such secure web services technology.


B2Boost was originally founded by people who have built their careers at top levels of the entertainment industry. Over the years they noticed how difficult it was for game publishers, resellers and retailers to collaborate efficiently with each other, due to differing ERP, procurement and ordering systems. This was the trigger for B2Boost's founders to develop a fully secure, easy to implement web based platform that could serve as a universal translator for the various electronic languages used by their clients.

What they say

"Everything is automated and highly transparent. It's truly an integrated chain from client to supplier, which is perfect for us"

Daniel Janssens

General Manager, Bigben Interactive

What they say

"They deliver what they promise, they even exceed your expectations"

Erik ter Horst

VP finance/CFO EMEA and Latin America, BT Global Services

What they say

"We did not have any experience in e-invoicing and that's the reason why they supported us and this approach was really impressive"

Catherine Dubu

Head of Billing Operations Northern Europe, BT Global Services | Finance

What they say

"They understand our business and they work hard on helping us"

Shaun Campbell

Director, European Category Management, Electronic Arts

What they say

"They are very professional and committed. They deliver on time and provide us with their feedback. That is exactly what we expect from a partner."

Pieter Breyne

Senior Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers - Performance Improvement Consulting

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