Environmental Benefits

Strengthen your Company's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda and drastically reduce
your Ecological footprint

There are vast quantities of natural resources consumed by businesses every single day. B2Boost's dematerialisation services will help your company reduce document processing costs, enhance business efficiency and reduce the impact of your business on the environment.

Thanks to its dematerialised transactions, B2Boost already saved:

The equivalent of 304548496 sheets of paper*
Many business documents such as delivery notes, purchase orders, invoices and remittances can be dematerialised and exchanged electronically, removing the need for paper copies of these documents. Currently the printing of paper documents creates huge amounts of waste which can easily be reduced.

The equivalent of 25379 trees*
Deforestation is one of the major causes of climate change. The vast amount of paper used in modern day businesses can be drastically reduced using dematerialisation solutions.

The equivalent of 761371 Kilowatts of energy*
Documents must be printed and stored for several years. B2Boost will securely archive your invoices during the legally required periods. An additional benefit is that these documents can be accessed at anytime through our e-Invoicing portal.

The equivalent of 30454850 kilograms of CO²*
Substantial amounts of energy are used in the distribution and disposal of paper documents. Postal mail is shipped by truck or by plane generating wasted fuel and gases which are released into the atmosphere, negatively impacting air quality. Environmental experts estimate that one sheet of paper is responsible for 100g carbon footprint.

* Approximations based on energy and paper requirement estimates for an average count of 3 sheets per invoice and 2 sheets per order and similar documents.

What they say

"Everything is automated and highly transparent. It's truly an integrated chain from client to supplier, which is perfect for us"

Daniel Janssens

General Manager, Bigben Interactive

What they say

"They deliver what they promise, they even exceed your expectations"

Erik ter Horst

VP finance/CFO EMEA and Latin America, BT Global Services

What they say

"We did not have any experience in e-invoicing and that's the reason why they supported us and this approach was really impressive"

Catherine Dubu

Head of Billing Operations Northern Europe, BT Global Services | Finance

What they say

"They understand our business and they work hard on helping us"

Shaun Campbell

Director, European Category Management, Electronic Arts

What they say

"They are very professional and committed. They deliver on time and provide us with their feedback. That is exactly what we expect from a partner."

Pieter Breyne

Senior Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers - Performance Improvement Consulting

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